[v5,6/9,PR,gdbserver/25893] : Use construct_inferior_arguments which handles special chars

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  • [v5,1/9] gdb: Move construct_inferior_arguments to gdbsupport
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Lancelot SIX via Gdb-patches May 20, 2020, 4:21 p.m.
Use the construct_inferior_arguments function instead of
stringify_argv to construct a string from the program
arguments in those places where that one is then passed
to fork_inferior (linux-low, lyn-low), since
construct_inferior_arguments properly takes care of
special characters, while stringify_argv does not.
Using construct_inferior_arguments seems "natural", since its
documentation also mentions that it "does the
same shell processing as fork_inferior".

Since construct_inferior_args has been extended to do
proper quoting for Windows shells in commit
("Fix quoting of special characters for the MinGW build.",
2012-06-12), use it for the Windows case as well.
(I could not test that case myself, though.)

Adapt handling of empty args in function 'handle_v_run'
in gdbserver/server.cc to just insert an empty string
for an empty arg, since that one is now properly handled
in 'construct_inferior_arguments' already (and inserting
a "''" string in 'handle_v_run' would otherwise
cause that one to be treated as a string literally
containing two quote characters, which
'construct_inferior_args' would preserve by adding
extra escaping).

This makes gdbserver properly handle program args containing special
characters (like spaces), e.g. (example from PR25893)

  $ gdbserver localhost:50505 myprogram "hello world"

now properly handles "hello world" as a single arg, not two separate
ones ("hello", "world").

2020-05-13  Michael Weghorn  <m.weghorn@posteo.de>

        PR gdbserver/25893
        * linux-low.cc (linux_process_target::create_inferior),
        lynx-low.cc (lynx_process_target::create_inferior),
        win32-low.cc (win32_process_target::create_inferior): Use
        construct_inferior_arguments instead of stringify_argv
        to get string representation which properly escapes
        special characters.
        * server.cc (handle_v_run): Just pass empty program arg
        as such, since any further processing is now handled via
 gdbserver/linux-low.cc | 2 +-
 gdbserver/lynx-low.cc  | 2 +-
 gdbserver/server.cc    | 2 +-
 gdbserver/win32-low.cc | 2 +-
 4 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)



diff --git a/gdbserver/linux-low.cc b/gdbserver/linux-low.cc
index 3cd8d5594d..8ba39252c0 100644
--- a/gdbserver/linux-low.cc
+++ b/gdbserver/linux-low.cc
@@ -984,7 +984,7 @@  linux_process_target::create_inferior (const char *program,
     maybe_disable_address_space_randomization restore_personality
-    std::string str_program_args = stringify_argv (program_args);
+    std::string str_program_args = construct_inferior_arguments (program_args);
     pid = fork_inferior (program,
 			 str_program_args.c_str (),
diff --git a/gdbserver/lynx-low.cc b/gdbserver/lynx-low.cc
index 9aa140c129..a8e4e6079b 100644
--- a/gdbserver/lynx-low.cc
+++ b/gdbserver/lynx-low.cc
@@ -253,7 +253,7 @@  lynx_process_target::create_inferior (const char *program,
 				      const std::vector<char *> &program_args)
   int pid;
-  std::string str_program_args = stringify_argv (program_args);
+  std::string str_program_args = construct_inferior_arguments (program_args);
   lynx_debug ("create_inferior ()");
diff --git a/gdbserver/server.cc b/gdbserver/server.cc
index 27d0931f79..0313d18bb2 100644
--- a/gdbserver/server.cc
+++ b/gdbserver/server.cc
@@ -2957,7 +2957,7 @@  handle_v_run (char *own_buf)
       else if (p == next_p)
 	  /* Empty argument.  */
-	  new_argv.push_back (xstrdup ("''"));
+	  new_argv.push_back (xstrdup (""));
diff --git a/gdbserver/win32-low.cc b/gdbserver/win32-low.cc
index 4eb63b7ca2..d5555a78fd 100644
--- a/gdbserver/win32-low.cc
+++ b/gdbserver/win32-low.cc
@@ -693,7 +693,7 @@  win32_process_target::create_inferior (const char *program,
   DWORD flags;
   DWORD err;
-  std::string str_program_args = stringify_argv (program_args);
+  std::string str_program_args = construct_inferior_arguments (program_args);
   char *args = (char *) str_program_args.c_str ();
   /* win32_wait needs to know we're not attaching.  */