[c-family] Fix small regression with -fdump-ada-spec

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  • [c-family] Fix small regression with -fdump-ada-spec
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Eric Botcazou April 5, 2021, 5:53 p.m.
When the enumeration constants of an enumeration type are defined by explicit 
values, the binding generated by -fdump-ada-spec does not use an enumeration 
type on the Ada side, because the set of allowed values in C/C++ is larger 
than the set of allowed values in Ada, but instead use an integer subtype and 
defines a set of explicit constants, which used to be of this subtype but were 
changed to the base type at some point.  This reinstates the subtype for them.

Tested on x86-64/Linux, applied on the mainline.

2021-04-05  Eric Botcazou  <ebotcazou@adacore.com>

        * c-ada-spec.c (is_simple_enum): Minor tweaks.
        (dump_ada_enum_type): Add TYPE and PARENT parameters.  For non-simple
        enumeral types, use again the type name for the enumeration constants.
        (dump_ada_node): Adjust call to dump_ada_enum_type.
        (dump_nested_type): Likewise.

Eric Botcazou


diff --git a/gcc/c-family/c-ada-spec.c b/gcc/c-family/c-ada-spec.c
index dd8e8bbd90a..9fef5f05cc8 100644
--- a/gcc/c-family/c-ada-spec.c
+++ b/gcc/c-family/c-ada-spec.c
@@ -1932,8 +1932,8 @@  dump_ada_template (pretty_printer *buffer, tree t, int spc)
   return num_inst > 0;
-/* Return true if NODE is a simple enum types, that can be mapped to an
-   Ada enum type directly.  */
+/* Return true if NODE is a simple enumeral type that can be mapped to an
+   Ada enumeration type directly.  */
 static bool
 is_simple_enum (tree node)
@@ -1947,9 +1947,7 @@  is_simple_enum (tree node)
       if (TREE_CODE (int_val) != INTEGER_CST)
 	int_val = DECL_INITIAL (int_val);
-      if (!tree_fits_shwi_p (int_val))
-	return false;
-      else if (tree_to_shwi (int_val) != count)
+      if (!tree_fits_shwi_p (int_val) || tree_to_shwi (int_val) != count)
 	return false;
@@ -1958,11 +1956,12 @@  is_simple_enum (tree node)
   return true;
-/* Dump in BUFFER an enumeral type NODE in Ada syntax.  SPC is the indentation
-   level.  */
+/* Dump in BUFFER the declaration of enumeral NODE of type TYPE in Ada syntax.
+   PARENT is the parent node of NODE.  SPC is the indentation level.  */
 static void
-dump_ada_enum_type (pretty_printer *buffer, tree node, int spc)
+dump_ada_enum_type (pretty_printer *buffer, tree node, tree type, tree parent,
+		    int spc)
   if (is_simple_enum (node))
@@ -1993,25 +1992,29 @@  dump_ada_enum_type (pretty_printer *buffer, tree node, int spc)
 	pp_string (buffer, "unsigned");
 	pp_string (buffer, "int");
       for (tree value = TYPE_VALUES (node); value; value = TREE_CHAIN (value))
+	  tree int_val = TREE_VALUE (value);
+	  if (TREE_CODE (int_val) != INTEGER_CST)
+	    int_val = DECL_INITIAL (int_val);
 	  pp_semicolon (buffer);
 	  newline_and_indent (buffer, spc);
 	  pp_ada_tree_identifier (buffer, TREE_PURPOSE (value), node, false);
 	  pp_string (buffer, " : constant ");
-	  if (TYPE_UNSIGNED (node))
-	    pp_string (buffer, "unsigned");
+	  if (TYPE_NAME (node))
+	    dump_ada_node (buffer, node, NULL_TREE, spc, false, true);
+	  else if (type)
+	    dump_ada_node (buffer, type, NULL_TREE, spc, false, true);
-	    pp_string (buffer, "int");
+	    dump_anonymous_type_name (buffer, node, parent);
 	  pp_string (buffer, " := ");
-	  dump_ada_node (buffer,
-			 ? TREE_VALUE (value)
-			 : DECL_INITIAL (TREE_VALUE (value)),
-			 node, spc, false, true);
+	  dump_ada_node (buffer, int_val, node, spc, false, true);
@@ -2098,7 +2101,7 @@  dump_ada_node (pretty_printer *buffer, tree node, tree type, int spc,
       if (name_only)
 	dump_ada_node (buffer, TYPE_NAME (node), node, spc, false, true);
-	dump_ada_enum_type (buffer, node, spc);
+	dump_ada_enum_type (buffer, node, type, NULL_TREE, spc);
     case REAL_TYPE:
@@ -2577,7 +2580,7 @@  dump_nested_type (pretty_printer *buffer, tree field, tree t, tree parent,
 	dump_anonymous_type_name (buffer, field_type, parent);
       pp_string (buffer, " is ");
-      dump_ada_enum_type (buffer, field_type, spc);
+      dump_ada_enum_type (buffer, field_type, NULL_TREE, parent, spc);
       pp_semicolon (buffer);
       newline_and_indent (buffer, spc);