doc: Fix up symver attribute documentation

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  • doc: Fix up symver attribute documentation
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Iain Buclaw via Gcc-patches April 1, 2021, 9:12 a.m.

When looking at the symver documentation, I've noticed a couple of
syntax errors in it.

Committed to trunk as obvious.

But looking more at it, the
change that introduced this has another problem - the documentation
still talks about foo_v1 but the alias attribute has been removed
from the example.

Maybe it would be better to restore to the old way for symver_foo_v1
with its GCC 10 attributes, describe what that does, then have the
bar example and add baz example with multiple symver attributes
in the same attribute and describe what each of them does and mention
that only binutils 2.35 and later actually handle some of the forms.

2021-04-01  Jakub Jelinek  <>

	* doc/extend.texi (symver attribute): Fix up syntax errors
	in the examples.



--- gcc/doc/extend.texi.jj	2021-03-03 09:43:57.898723872 +0100
+++ gcc/doc/extend.texi	2021-04-01 10:56:25.604914998 +0200
@@ -3851,13 +3851,13 @@  output.
 One can also define multiple version for a given symbol.
-__attribute__ ((__symver__ ("foo@@VERS_2"), ("foo@@VERS_3")))
+__attribute__ ((__symver__ ("foo@@VERS_2"), __symver__ ("foo@@VERS_3")))
 int symver_foo_v1 (void)
-__attribute__ ((__symver__ ("bar@@VERS_2"))))
-__attribute__ ((__symver__ ("bar@@VERS_3"))))
+__attribute__ ((__symver__ ("bar@@VERS_2")))
+__attribute__ ((__symver__ ("bar@@VERS_3")))
 int symver_bar_v1 (void)