[committed] analyzer: fix ICE when longjmp isn't marked 'noreturn' (PR 93316)

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  • [committed] analyzer: fix ICE when longjmp isn't marked 'noreturn' (PR 93316)
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David Malcolm Jan. 28, 2020, 9 p.m.
Comments 11-16 within PR analyzer/93316 discuss an ICE in some setjmp
tests seen on AIX and powerpc-darwin9.

The issue turned out to be an implicit assumption that longjmp is
marked "noreturn".  There are two places in engine.cc where the code
attempted to locate the longjmp GIMPLE_CALL by finding the final stmt
within its supernode, in one place casting it via "as_a <gcall *>",
in the other using it as the location_t of the
"rewinding from longjmp..." event.

When longjmp isn't marked noreturn, its basic block and hence supernode
can have additional stmts after the longjmp; in the setjmp-3.c case
this was a GIMPLE_RETURN, leading to a ICE when casting this to a

This patch fixes the two places in question to use the
member function introduced by 342e14ffa30e9163a1a75e0a4fb21b6883d58dbe,
fixing the ICE (and ensuring the correct location_t is used for events).

Successfully bootstrapped & regrtested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.
Reproduced the bug and verified the fix with a stage 1 build on
powerpc-ibm-aix7.2.0.0 (gcc111), where there were no remaining FAILs in
analyzer.exp after the patch.

Committed to master as r10-6305-g5aebfb71763c7c8d0bb96adcd0a5f94de96a2a13.

	PR analyzer/93316
	* engine.cc (rewind_info_t::update_model): Get the longjmp call
	stmt via get_longjmp_call () rather than assuming it is the last
	stmt in the longjmp's supernode.
	(rewind_info_t::add_events_to_path): Get the location_t for the
	rewind_from_longjmp_event via get_longjmp_call () rather than from
	the supernode's get_end_location ().
 gcc/analyzer/engine.cc | 12 ++----------
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)



diff --git a/gcc/analyzer/engine.cc b/gcc/analyzer/engine.cc
index 2bc0aff6a6e..9acec704224 100644
--- a/gcc/analyzer/engine.cc
+++ b/gcc/analyzer/engine.cc
@@ -1333,21 +1333,13 @@  void
 rewind_info_t::update_model (region_model *model,
 			     const exploded_edge &eedge)
-  const exploded_node &src_enode = *eedge.m_src;
-  const program_point &src_point = src_enode.get_point ();
-  const gimple *last_stmt
-    = src_point.get_supernode ()->get_last_stmt ();
-  gcc_assert (last_stmt);
-  const gcall *longjmp_call = as_a <const gcall *> (last_stmt);
   const program_point &longjmp_point = eedge.m_src->get_point ();
   const program_point &setjmp_point = eedge.m_dest->get_point ();
   gcc_assert (longjmp_point.get_stack_depth ()
 	      >= setjmp_point.get_stack_depth ());
-  model->on_longjmp (longjmp_call,
+  model->on_longjmp (get_longjmp_call (),
 		     get_setjmp_call (),
 		     setjmp_point.get_stack_depth (), NULL);
@@ -1368,7 +1360,7 @@  rewind_info_t::add_events_to_path (checker_path *emission_path,
     (new rewind_from_longjmp_event
-     (&eedge, src_point.get_supernode ()->get_end_location (),
+     (&eedge, get_longjmp_call ()->location,
       src_point.get_fndecl (),
       src_stack_depth, this));