Add space between program name and file for objcopy/strip/objdump messages

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  • Add space between program name and file for objcopy/strip/objdump messages
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Alan Modra Nov. 19, 2019, 2:02 a.m.
The GNU coding standard does indicate there should be no space in
messages like these, but we tend to put a space in all other
messages.  This patch cures the inconsistency in:

$ binutils/strip-new -F elf32-little -N .text -o pr25200 pr25200.bin
binutils/strip-new: pr25200: R_X86_64_PLT32 unsupported
binutils/strip-new:pr25200: sorry, cannot handle this file

	* bucomm.c (bfd_nonfatal_message): Add a space between program
	name and file.

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM


diff --git a/binutils/bucomm.c b/binutils/bucomm.c
index 2493fd561b..78d80bef5f 100644
--- a/binutils/bucomm.c
+++ b/binutils/bucomm.c
@@ -64,10 +64,10 @@  bfd_nonfatal (const char *string)
    bfd error message is printed.  In summary, error messages are of
    one of the following forms:
-   PROGRAM:file: bfd-error-message
-   PROGRAM:file[section]: bfd-error-message
-   PROGRAM:file: printf-message: bfd-error-message
-   PROGRAM:file[section]: printf-message: bfd-error-message.  */
+   PROGRAM: file: bfd-error-message
+   PROGRAM: file[section]: bfd-error-message
+   PROGRAM: file: printf-message: bfd-error-message
+   PROGRAM: file[section]: printf-message: bfd-error-message.  */
 bfd_nonfatal_message (const char *filename,
@@ -97,9 +97,9 @@  bfd_nonfatal_message (const char *filename,
 	section_name = bfd_section_name (section);
   if (section_name)
-    fprintf (stderr, ":%s[%s]", filename, section_name);
+    fprintf (stderr, ": %s[%s]", filename, section_name);
-    fprintf (stderr, ":%s", filename);
+    fprintf (stderr, ": %s", filename);
   if (format)