[v2,0/3] low_new_clone in linux-nat.c and powerpc watchpoint fixes

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  • low_new_clone in linux-nat.c and powerpc watchpoint fixes
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Pedro Franco de Carvalho Feb. 14, 2020, 8:54 p.m.
This patch series fixes some issues with hardware breakpoints and
watchpoints in the powerpc linux native target.

The first patch adds a new "low" method to linux-nat.c, which is needed
in ppc-linux-nat.c.  The second one is a small refactoring, and the third
one is the fix itself.

The differences compared to v1 are:

* Changed the stopped_data_addres/stopped_by_watchpoint so the low_*
  versions so that we get the right stop_reason in the stop_reason field
  of lwp_info.  We can then use stop_reason in low_prepare_to_resume as
  an additional indicator that the debug registers are stale, since some
  kernel configurations disable a watchpoint after a hit.

* Instead of using an observer callback to clean-up the thread state, I
  did this in low_delete_thread, because I'm more confident that this
  will be called (some lwp_info object might not end up having an
  associated GDB thread object).

Pedro Franco de Carvalho (3):
  Add low_new_clone method to linux_nat_target.
  [PowerPC] Move up some register access routines
  [PowerPC] Fix debug register issues in ppc-linux-nat

 gdb/linux-nat.c     |    4 +
 gdb/linux-nat.h     |    4 +
 gdb/ppc-linux-nat.c | 1584 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------
 3 files changed, 1058 insertions(+), 534 deletions(-)