[v2,0/2] Fix run-time handling of `libgcc_s' in testing

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  • Fix run-time handling of `libgcc_s' in testing
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Maciej W. Rozycki Nov. 29, 2019, 9:08 a.m.

 This is a follow-up to the original proposal of a change posted here:


to address a catastrophic libgo testsuite failure in cross-compilation 
where shared `libgcc_s' library cannot be found by the loader at run time 
in build-tree testing and consequently no test case executes.

 In the course of discussion it has turned out that the culprit is in a 
generic GCC test framework helper and in an attempt to handle this I have 
come across a nonsensical warning message produced by the GCC driver 
interfering with the solution I have come up with.

 Consequently I have prepared this small patch series where in 1/2 I 
propose to drop the warning message in the affected case and then in 2/2 I 
address the actual problem.  See individual change descriptions for 

 These two changes have been regression-tested with `make check' using the 
`x86_64-linux-gnu' native system as well as the `x86_64-linux-gnu' host 
and the `riscv64-linux-gnu' target, with RISC-V QEMU in the Linux user 
emulation mode as the target board.

 OK to apply?