[v2,0/5] Add python method gdb.InferiorThread.thread_handle

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  • Add python method gdb.InferiorThread.thread_handle
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Kevin Buettner Feb. 28, 2019, 2:24 a.m.
This five part series adds a python method named "thread_handle"
which is used to fetch the thread handle from a thread object.

It will eventually be used as part of the implementation of the
"thread parent" operation for the OpenMP work that I've been doing.

While thread handles are normally opaque, for my OpenMP work, it's
become necessary to convert a handle to a form upon which arithmetic
may be performed.  Via some simple arithmetic manipulations, it's
possible to find the handle associated with a GOMP thread.  If you want
details on this, see:


This is version 2 of a series that I first posted in Sept, 2018.

In v1, InferiorThread.thread_handle was passed a type and returned
a gdb.Value object representing the handle (of the type passed in).

In v2, InferiorThread.thread_handle is a nullary method.  It returns
the thread handle represented as a Python bytes object.  If it's
necessary to pierce the opacity of this object, as it is for my use
case, the two argument form of the gdb.Value constructor may be used
to make an object of some suitable type.